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Notch in my backyard

The notch - tolerate it or hate it, you might not need to look at it for very long. Relatively speaking, of course. The notch is but a stepping stone in the journey to unbelievably thin, all-screen phones. But why do we need a notch, and is thin-and-all-screen phones even something that people want?
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Daniel Dunderfelt Daniel Dunderfelt

Another cool thing that's being announched at MWC 2019: a foldable watch phone thing from Nubia! Foldable OLED screens are slowly entering the market, and it is only natural to wear one around your wrist. Color me intrigued! Read more at Tom's Guide.

Get ready for sound-blasting screens

The screen on a mobile phone is many things: displayer of the colorful pixels of whatever piece of content you are viewing, receiver of furious taps as you engage in that life-or-death Twitter fight, and if LG has their way, blaster of jaunty tunes!
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