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Daniel Dunderfelt Daniel Dunderfelt

Apple is planning ARM MacBooks, eh? It's actually not an entirely bad idea, as the iPad Pro is a performance beast and people have been clamoring for a more MacBook-like iPad.

I would expect the MacBook Pro lineup to stay on Intel for the foreseeable future, though.

Daniel Dunderfelt Daniel Dunderfelt

What's cooler than 4K? 6K, that's what! There's a pile of Apple rumours going around that not only speak of new iPhones, iPads and larger MacBooks, but new Apple screens too that go all the way to 6K. The rumored size of 31.6 is very impressive and would give it a "retina" pixel density of a bit over 200. Source:

Notch in my backyard

The notch - tolerate it or hate it, you might not need to look at it for very long. Relatively speaking, of course. The notch is but a stepping stone in the journey to unbelievably thin, all-screen phones. But why do we need a notch, and is thin-and-all-screen phones even something that people want?
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