Get ready for sound-blasting screens

Get ready for sound-blasting screens
The screen on a mobile phone is many things: displayer of the colorful pixels of whatever piece of content you are viewing, receiver of furious taps as you engage in that life-or-death Twitter fight, and if LG has their way, blaster of jaunty tunes!

It's always a challenge to fit in the various parts that people expect their smartphones to have, so in the battle to keep the body thin and the bezels small, components will have to pull double-duty. It's a team effort after all. For their upcoming G8 ThinQ, LG decided that the screen wasn't doing enough already and has coaxed it into outputting sound.

Sound is basically just vibrations in the air, and to produce them you need something that vibrates. The screen is already pointing directly at the user, so LG put an exciter at the back of the top part of their upcoming phone's display. They call it "Crystal Sound OLED".

LG claims that the Crystal Sound OLED technology is loud enough, and it is joined by a more traditional speaker at the bottom of the phone to produce stereo sound output. They also claim that the screeker* has great clarity for voice output, and you'll actually use it for voice calls as it completely negates the need to have a top speaker slit. The bottom speaker will presumably take care of the bass frequencies as it can use the phone's inner space a a sound chamber.

LG usually focuses on audio in their devices and the G8 ThinQ is no different. In addition to the screen speaker it also comes equipeed with DTS:X 3D 7.1 Surround Sound and a quad DAC. Surround sound with what sounds like only two speakers definitely sounds questionable, but hey, this is what they claim.

Other specs

The G8 ThinQ has been the victim of multiple leaks, including some posted on XDA Developers. Based on those we can see an otherwise quite normal looking phone with a 6.1 inch screen, dual cameras at the back and a radical 3.5 mm headphone jack joining the USB-C connection at the bottom.

LG has officially talked about the G8 ThinQ's 3D ToF camera (housed in the fashionable notch) that will be useful for AR applications and secure face recognition.

MWC 2019 is coming up on the 24:th of February and LG is set to talk more about the G8 ThinQ there. If sound-blasting screens and very incremental updates to Android phones is your thing, put it in your calendar. In the meantime, check out the leak analysis on XDA Developers for more information.

* not an official term