Welcome to the home of all things VERY COOL!

Welcome to the home of all things VERY COOL!
Welcome, weary traveler, to verycool.tech! This is the launch post, so yeah, we're quite young. And when I say "we", I mean me. There's only one of me so far. I am Daniel Dunderfelt, creator, editor and first contributor to verycool.tech. It's an honor to make your acquaintance!

Verycool.tech covers exciting developments in technology, mostly from the consumer point of view. Expect news about cool new gadgets, cool scientific developments, cool new games, cool... well, whatever I damn well want to write about! For now the content will be heavily biased towards what I personally find interesting, but feel free to suggest topics or send me tips on editor@verycool.tech.


"But Daniel", you say, "there's a lot of tech news sites out there already! Why are you doing this?". That's a very good question that I don't have a direct answer to, other than that I want to. I'm pretty into all things tech, so if I'm gonna write about something it might as well be that. Maybe I'll even have an interesting opinion or take on things that you haven't seen elsewhere. I say that partly due to the fact that I don't write anywhere else, and partly because I like to think that I have a somewhat unique and interesting perspective on "important" matters such as very cool tech things. But you'll be the judge of that.

The coolest thing tbh

Privacy is a very cool thing and something I take very seriously. That's why I'm running Fathom analytics on my own server for this site. Fathom only counts page views and logs referrers, so I'll know how many visitors I get and which pages they visit, but nothing specific about them. Exactly how website analytics should be. Fathom sets a cookie with a random identifier that refreshes every 30 minutes, just so your session will not be counted twice if you refresh the page. The cookie does not track you around the web and contains no personally identifiable information. If you want to opt out, just enable the "do not track" setting in your browser.

The money part

It is very early days, but I do plan to monetize the content in some way if things work out well enough. While this is a sideproject and somewhat of an experiment, I still want it to generate revenue. I am interested in exploring alternative, more innovative ways to monetize beyond the traditional ads and sponsored content, which will probably still exist on the site in some form. The content will always be free and I will take care to only use monetization methods that does not spy on you. Further, any kind of sponsored content will be loudly and proudly displayed as such.

Essentially, I want verycool.tech to be valuable to both me and you. For example, if I run ads on the site, the ads will not spy on you to decide what you want to see. Instead, which ads are displayed would be decided by the content of verycool.tech and the ads should be interesting to someone who is interested in that content. Thus, the ads would both be valuable to you and support the site. The same philosophy would be applied to sponsored content. Cool? Cool.

Writers, writers, writers!

I also do not plan to continue alone forever. I am planning to invite additional contributors on board in the future, and I'm not talking some unpaid gigs either (well, as soon as I get the monetization part figured out). I can only write so much and I want verycool.tech to feature a variety of viewpoints and a broader range of topics than what I am personally interested in. If writing for verycool.tech strikes you as something that you might wanna try, feel absolutely free to get in touch!

Future plans

Confession time: I didn't only buy the verycool.tech domain. I actually bought a handful of verycool.something domains. In addition to continuously developing this site, I am planning more sites and apps under the Verycool "brand". Stay tuned.

Hopefully you will enjoy verycool.tech! I plan to create new content many times a week, if not daily, so check back often. If you have any feedback, ideas, news tips or whatever else you can always reach me at editor@verycool.tech. I'd love to hear about it.

See you in the next article!